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We offer comprehensive (online) marketing services, content production, e-commerce and design for the wine & gourmet industry. Wine to Web is known for the Corona emergency aid for Austrian wineries. We initiated this together with the strong partners from the wine industry listed below.

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Labels & Print

Impressive at first glance

We create your unique wine label and packaging design for you so that your products make an impression! We guide you through the entire printing process – simply and worry-free.

Unique design

Each wine is a work of art. Thus, the character of a wine can also be artistically staged as a modern wine label. Here you can find a small selection of wine labels that we have designed. Whether the Barolo, Champagne or Amarone. They all have something in common. There is a story behind each of these labels. We will be happy to tell you about them in person.

Different designs appeal to different target groups. A modern, innovative label design may appeal to younger wine lovers, while a classic, traditional design may be more appealing to an older, more conservative clientele. Targeting the right target group through label design can significantly improve sales opportunities.

Design that works

Wine labels

In a competitive market where hundreds of wines are vying for shoppers’ attention, an eye-catching label design can increase visibility on the shelf and increase the likelihood of an impulse purchase. In addition, an eye-tracking study shows that visual attention to the wine label influences purchase intentions, especially for wines with awards and in social consumption situations. These findings suggest that wine labels are not only aesthetic elements, but also influential marketing tools that can strongly influence consumer perceptions and decisions.

of wine customers are influenced by the color of the label when making a purchase decision, according to a ZHAW study.
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of wine buyers are sustainably inspired in their purchasing decisions by images on labels, according to this study
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of the 2,000 people surveyed in a Packaging Scotland study said that the label was the main criterion for choosing their favorite wine.
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Research & Practice

Our agency has its finger on the pulse of the times. We not only help brands to achieve commercial success, we also research and teach at universities of applied sciences in order to implement and plan future marketing measures in an even more targeted manner.

External lectors

E-commerce, marketing, social media & web design

Freelance authors

Wine marketing, market development, technology

Practice experts

We are the partners for the entire wine & gourmet industry.

Personal advisors

We support you and your brand personally in every area

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Your partner

Visual identity

Your label should reflect the uniqueness of your brand and convince at first glance

Top packaging design

Not only aesthetics, but also sustainability is becoming increasingly important for certain target groups

Addressing target groups

Our design focuses on targeting specific consumer groups

Innovative design concepts

With creative and often unexpected design elements, we ensure that your product stands out from the crowd


We make it possible to integrate QR codes or augmented reality features to deepen the interaction between brand and customer

Aesthetics and function combined

Our labels are not only visually appealing, but also practical, with easy-to-understand information

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Let's get started together!

Wine to Web is the only agency that promotes wine and gourmet brands both in teaching at universities of applied sciences and as freelance authors, consultants and service providers. This enables us to react efficiently to trends and market changes.

Unique & impressive

Wine labels
International standards

Our design and printing meet international quality standards, making your wines competitive in global markets

Digital proof

Before printing, you will receive a digital draft of your label for approval to ensure that everything meets your requirements

Best materials

We only use high-quality materials that emphasize the durability and quality of your products


Each label individually tells the story of your wine, from its origin to its philosophy

Sustainable bonding

By embodying unique stories, they create an emotional bond


We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality and creativity

Increase recognition value

Develop a unique visual identity that is memorable and contributes to brand loyalty

Cultural adaptation

Designing labels that take into account and stand out in international markets with regard to cultural characteristics and preferences

Compliant labels

We fulfill all your specifications and advise you so that you meet all requirements and labeling obligations on the label

Industry-specific expertise

Benefit from our deep understanding of the wine and luxury food industry, which flows into every design

Access to premium materials

Access to a wide range of high-quality materials and printing techniques that are otherwise difficult to obtain

Visual consistency of the brand

From website, store and print to labels and packaging design, we ensure the visual consistency of your brand

Telling stories through design


Discover bespoke label design from Wine to Web that makes your brand stand out. Our expertise combines current design trends and high-quality materials to create an authentic representation of your wine, supported by environmentally conscious options and personal service.

Plus custom device
Plus custom device

Stories behind the wine

Narrative labels

Our expertise combines current design trends with your unique brand story to create labels that not only impress, but also tell and convince. Wine to Web provides you with a label design that is specially tailored to your wine brand and impressively showcases it.

Wine Design

Research & Practice

Through our teaching activities at the FH Krems, we have our finger on the pulse of current trends. Our designs not only reflect your unique brand identity, but also incorporate the latest design trends to ensure your products stand out in the market. Each label is designed with the aim of telling the story of your wine and conveying the philosophy behind your brand. We attach great importance to the use of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and aesthetic appearance of your products. We also offer sustainable options for materials and printing processes to minimize your brand’s environmental footprint. Our team will accompany you personally from the initial idea to the finished print to ensure that the end product exactly meets your expectations and authentically communicates your passion for wine.

Frequently asked questions


What the best wine labels are depends on the desires and especially the marketing goals. Are the wines sold mainly from the farm and should have a traditional design, or should the wine labels stand out in a crowded wine rack in the wine trade with a modern design? We would be happy to look at your goals and requirements and develop a suitable design concept.

Which paper is used for wine labels differs for almost every wine. The possibilities here are schir limitless. From natural paper to foil printing, everything is possible. It is best to match the paper to the brand and the particular wine labels. For example, as a winery that works exclusively organically, natural paper is a good choice for wine labels.

We are often asked this question. Especially when a brand relaunch is imminent and you want to let your wines shine in new splendor, the question arises whether to overlabel the old labels or to remove the old labels first in order to be able to apply the new ones “normally”. If you want to remove the old wine labels, a bath in cold water often helps. Here you just have to wait until the label is soaked with water and then you can peel it off almost completely. With a razor blade you can often get the remaining parts of the old label off.

What all has to be written on wine labels depends on various factors. Which wine law does the wine fall under? Is the wine intended for export? It is best to check with the appropriate office or area representative.

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We give your brand a face

Wine Labels & Package Design

We will develop new wine labels and a suitable package design for you. We will assist you with the complete printing process.

Wine labels design

Properly set the scene for wine labels

Each wine is a work of art. Thus, the character of a wine can also be artistically staged as a modern wine label. Here you can find a small selection of wine labels that we have designed. Whether the Barolo, Champagne or Amarone. They all have something in common. There is a story behind each of these labels. We will be happy to tell you about them in person.

Uniform design

Visual affiliation: wine labels for product lines

Wine labels can be excellently designed so that different price classes or different product lines can be visually identified at first glance. Here you can work with shapes and colors, or with recurring design elements. The wine labels feature recurring design elements to highlight the affiliation with the product line.

Modern wine labels

What shape should my wine labels be

What shapes should have wine labels, you can not answer per se. Several factors come into play here. First of all, you should find out what label sizes and shapes the labeling machine can handle. After that, you should consider whether you want a front and back label or would you rather have it on a large wine label. For individual labels, you can, of course, deviate from the classic shape and include round or oblique elements.

The first impression counts

Package Design

The first impression of a brand is crucial to its success. Therefore, all visual touchpoints should be chosen accordingly. In addition to suitable wine labels, particular attention should be paid to the package design. Just the presentation of a wine box or the adhesive tape can psychologically contribute to a purchase decision. You should not disregard ecological values of your target group. We will be happy to advise you personally on this.

Request for label design

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