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Saint-Émilion: Château Guadet

A wine journey to the heart of Bordeaux wine production and an exceptional experience at a special winery.

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As soon as you enter the village of Saint-Émilion, you feel that this is a very special place. This southwestern French town and the surrounding vineyards are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful alleys invite not only to dream, but especially to enjoy. Saint-Émilion is truly a paradise on earth for every wine lover:

Wine culture is literally celebrated and lived here in every corner. The place itself has a long history. It began in the 8th century, when the hermit of the same name founded it. Should you visit this wonderful place, I recommend that you punctuate your wine trip with a historical tour. You certainly won't regret taking a look behind the historical development.


The climate before in Saint Èmilion is characterized by temperature fluctuations and is more continental.

Municipal appellations

There are even two appellations: Saint-Èmilion and Saint-Èmilion Grand Cru (and also other satellite appellations).

Grape varieties

Mainly Merlot (60% of the vineyards), Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Carmenére are grown here.

Château Guadet

Grand Cru Classe Biodynamic Wines

In the heart of the medieval city, behind the mysterious door hides one of the most extraordinary châteaus I have ever had the pleasure to enter. Not only the location distinguishes this winery: It is one of only two châteaux located in the center of the village. The Gaudet family is the 7th generation of winegrowers here and has been producing exclusively biodynamic wine for several years. It was started by Vincent Lignac in 1844. Today, Guy-Petrus Lignat (the great-nephew of the justly world-famous Château Pétrus family) and his son Vincent provide vintage specialties that will be remembered.

Vincent-Petrus Lignac took over the château more than ten years ago: Love for nature, manual work and cordiality are written here in the truest sense of the word.

I was lucky enough to meet the great-nephew of Peter in person on site. From the very first moment of the encounter, it was clear to me that here not only the wine is characterized by a unique peculiarity. The whole family is characterized by a special and inspiring cordiality.

Vintage specialties

Wine Tasting of a special kind

The wine tasting begins here with a leisurely get-to-know-you session in the breathtakingly beautiful courtyard of the facility. Vincent told us here at the beginning about his love for wine itself. He talked about how to know the character of a wine and how he has learned in the 7th generation to promote and bring out this naturally in wine production. I was allowed to take a look behind the creation of the fascinating wines of Château Guadet. Each room is characterized by a loving design. Visitors will not only gain insight into the wine production itself, but also into the history behind it.

Only so much about it: You have to experience it personally. The family history is lived every day in these walls and underlined by well-preserved rarities, such as an old press.

After the impressive guided tour through the historic walls, we were allowed to meet two vintages in person. At this point, Vincent again emphasized how important it is to let the wine wake up at the beginning and give it enough air to breathe so that it can develop.

Château Guadet


Vintages in comparison


Château Guadet Grand Cru Classé 2008

The Vintage wine tasting started with the 2008 vintage. Most of the wines of the château are composed of about 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. This ratio is very common in this area. The red fruits are very pronounced: The scent of plums and damsons wanders up the nose. The earthy fruit aroma is accompanied by a tobacco note, paired with a light vanilla note. A wine that is bursting with drinking maturity! I can't wait to open a bottle of this wine in a few years. How do you think he'll turn out?

Château Guadet Grand Cru Classé 2011

The tasting was rounded off with the 2011 vintage. It's an exciting comparison to the 2008 vintage, because this one requires your senses to work harder. He needs (according to Vincent) more time to wake up. Slowly and gently, the wine opens the more air it has. A breath of fruit rises. Here, too, the fruit aromas slowly appear. I could not locate any tobacco note, however vanilla came to mind relatively strongly. Each wine has its own time. The time for Vintage 2011 is going to be a great one. That much is certain.

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Wine trips to Saint Èmilion

So if you are planning a trip to Saint Èmilion, don't miss a visit to this exceptional château! It is best to email a few days before your scheduled visit to secure a spot.

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