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Going new ways

Winegrowers are currently facing many new challenges. On the one hand, wine production itself must break new ground and adapt to changing climatic conditions. On the other hand, wine distribution is confronted with the global changes in buying behavior. If you are not one step ahead of the competition, you cannot meet the current requirements. How can winemakers benefit from wine online marketing to plan their sales successfully in the future?

Everything at a glance
Global upheavals

The change in purchasing behavior

Worldwide, online sales are growing very strongly. While 37% of German-speaking consumers shopped online in 2008, this figure had already risen to 62.4% by 2019. Both supermarkets and restaurants are offering more and more services online.

The number of online purchases has almost doubled in the last 10 years. That's why it's all the more important to plan your web presence in a targeted manner, implement it professionally and also maintain it on an ongoing basis: More and more, you meet your customers online and on social media. But it's not just the purchases themselves that are increasingly taking place online. Consumers are increasingly using search engines (first and foremost Google) to find out about products and services before making a purchase. The term "wine" alone is the subject of an average of 60,500 Google search queries per month in German-speaking countries.

Reach new customers

Turn website visitors into customers

If you also want to succeed online, you need to cultivate the good reputation you have built up offline over many years or generations online as well. Various online marketing measures are suitable for this purpose. For example, in order to measure the level of awareness of a website, the references (links) to one's own web presence are used as an indicator. In order for others to be happy to refer to your website, there must be relevant content for them to do so. The awareness of your wine continuously increases online, especially through unique content optimized for target groups. In order for others to be happy to refer to your website, there must be relevant content for them to do so.

This contributes both directly and indirectly to your economic success. The awareness of your wine continuously increases online, especially through unique content optimized for target groups. This can directly increase the success. On the other hand, search engines like Google (as well as social media) rank your website based on the references that point to you, among other things. This has an impact on whether your winery or wine is found in the first Google search results, or whether you are in the back of the pack. If you are not among the top places, you can only appear on the scene in online sales with cost-intensive advertising measures.

In the search results appear

Understanding Google Ranking Factors

The good news is that these "credentials" can be increased through regular content creation (as well as link building). The fly in the ointment, however, is that this must be done "naturally." An experience-based approach saves you both time and money. The full effects of search engine optimization are only visible after several months due to the immense number of websites and blogs. Here, however, the big advantage is that through targeted wine online marketing you can permanently achieve a top ranking in the search results without having to pay for every single click. If you want to gain better visibility in the long run, there is no way around organic search engine optimization.

However, if you only rely on this, you will hardly appear in the results for search terms such as "buy Austrian wine", if at all. In this case, from a business perspective, it makes more than sense to use paid Google search for your own rankings for highly competitive search queries. However, if you rely only on paid ads, your visibility depends on your advertising budget. As soon as you decrease your advertising budget, your visibility also decreases. That's why it's all the more important to coordinate all wine online marketing measures right from the start.

Online purchases 2008

In 2008, 37% of all German-speaking consumers aged 17 & 64 have already made purchases online.

Online purchases 2019

In 2019, the number nearly doubled: 62.4% of all German-speaking consumers made purchases online.

Future opportunities

Online trading continues to grow. A lot of untapped potential is hidden in social media.


Factors influencing digital wine sales

Not only the referrals are an important factor for your placement in the Google search results: Over 200 different ranking factors influence your own placement in Google search results and thus your own visibility. At first, the high number of factors may seem unmanageable. But this is not the case. Ranking factors serve the highest goal of Google itself: "To organize the world's information and make it accessible to everyone at all times." What this means for all online sellers is that users are Google's priority. Accordingly, the satisfaction of your potential customers is also a priority for every wine online marketing expert: the higher the number of satisfied customers, the better the craft behind it.

Therefore, wine online marketing measures are also continuously measured, optimized and improved. If your website visitors feel comfortable and the number of visitors increases, Google interprets this as a good sign. Websites that take this to heart are inherently more popular. This is evaluated on the basis of user feedback signals: Do visitors return to the results list after clicking on a search result or do they stay longer on the website? Do they come back or do they prefer to get information from the competition?

Digital opportunities

Future markets for wine sales

If you take a second look at the ranking factors, winegrowers also have previously unavailable opportunities. Traditional advertising was characterized by so-called scatter losses. Advertisements also brought significant improvements in visibility only over the paid period. Meanwhile, various platforms make it possible to find out more about the real interests of potential target groups. In addition to demographic data, it is also possible to see, for example, which people shop with your direct competitors. People who enjoy your competitors' wine are very likely to be interested in tasting your fine wines as well.

Perhaps you are asking yourself whether, with such a large number of people interested in wine, it is not enough to be represented in the lower positions on Google. This question can be answered very easily on the basis of the average clicked search results depending on the ranking. If, for example, your own website appears in first place on Google for the term GrĂ¼ner Veltliner, it is highly likely that around 60% of all searchers will visit your website. The second-placed website, on the other hand, is clicked on by about 15% of all interested parties, and the third-placed website by about 8%. As you can see, the first-place winners clearly have a significant advantage over the competition.

Ranking & Website Visitors

Placement in Google search results

Practical knowledge

How Wine Online Marketing Works

In order to improve one's ranking in Google search results, an analysis of Google search queries should be performed in the first place. What do people search for on the subject of wine? How many of these searches are made per month? How strong is the competition in the individual areas? In the second step of the web analysis, the own actual state and that of the competition is analyzed. Where does your own website stand at the moment? What needs to be done to improve your Google ranking? The analysis provides precise information about which strategies the competition is pursuing and how successful they are in doing so. Here, the strategies of the "big players" and those of their direct competitors are documented in detail. What goes down particularly well with the target groups? Is the competitor active on social media and how popular is he?

Which wines particularly shine on social networks? And above all, what impression do they leave on wine connoisseurs? Wine Online Marketing offers winemakers and their wines the opportunity to present themselves authentically and professionally on the web. Websites are much more than an information page for customers: They are spaces where you can get to know wines and the people behind them personally and experience them in their uniqueness. In the end, with wines of equal quality from different wineries, sympathy and personal interest always decide which one to choose. So why not draw on the experience and expertise of experts to score points on the web as much as at tastings?

How wineries benefit

Social Media Marketing & Wine

The impact of social networks is still very much underestimated. Social media offers versatile insights into the connections between certain lifestyles and collective consumer behavior. From this data, it is possible to deduce which people are particularly fond of one's own wine. Which social media is best for you depends on several factors. But they all have one thing in common: they offer winemakers a wide range of opportunities to communicate directly with existing and potential customers. Those who use social media professionally are clearly the winners at the moment.

In addition, social media also provide a place for exchanges with the company's own customers. Communication processes can and should be automated in order to work efficiently over time. Not to be underestimated is also further development of social media to digital places where you can shop safely and also easily.

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