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The first impression counts

How much do you know about what your potential guests want? Which offer is particularly in demand at which time? And what's the best way to reach future customers? Through wine online marketing measures, gastronomic businesses can not only advertise themselves & their offer: You can target exactly those customers who are actually interested in your offer at a specific time. And without wastage!

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It's about more than the wine

Gastronomy in all its facets has become a central part of our everyday lives: Both privately and professionally, places like restaurants, bars & co are hubs in various areas of our lives. At the first moment, you might almost think that this is precisely why no wine online marketing would be necessary. But the opposite is the case here. Wine Online Marketing has become a "must" for every bar or gastronomic business that wants to attract customers: a whopping 18 million users search for restaurants online in German-speaking countries. But not only the absolute amount of potential guests is promising. Much more interesting here is the question of how you can make your own locality so palatable to them that they also become your guests.

Online, there are many different ways to convince these potential guests of what you have to offer. Customers are finding out more and more online: In the DACH area, an average of more than 51,140 searches are conducted on "wine bar" per month. Your competition doesn't sleep: 12,890 searches were made on the topic of digital/online marketing & hospitality. Google's ranking factors are becoming increasingly complex: algorithms rely on user feedback signals. This analyzes whether a user stays there after clicking on your website, or whether they go to Google Search to find a competitor. So in the long run, your digital status quo affects your business success.

Unique on the web

New opportunities for gastronomy

What actually distinguishes one wine bar from another, apart from the different offer? Very much. But above all, the unique charm, atmosphere and people that make this place what it is. Here, it's mainly the small differences that make the big difference. It is very similar with wine online marketing. It is often assumed that a website should be completely sufficient to ensure that precisely this part of the 18 million search queries for "wine bar" or "restaurant" lands on one's own website. But this is not true. Think of a car purchase, for example. By buying it, you have a car, but you can't drive it yet until you register it. Having a website is one thing, appearing (ranking) with it in Google search results is quite another. Google analyzes and evaluates your website based on more than 200 different factors. This rating compared to your competitors results in your placement in the search results. Generally, Google ranking factors are used to examine how relevant your website is compared to the competition.

This is not primarily about whether you have the best or the most special offer: Google places on the TOP positions in the search results the websites that are most popular with users and most relevant in terms of content. More specifically, it's about user feedback signals: how long do they stay on the site? Will they come back or go to the competition? Like restaurateurs, Google wants guests to stay and not leave right away. This is exactly where professional wine online marketing comes in. With targeted wine online marketing, you can best prepare your website and content for Google algorithm testing.
Even if your location is well visited at the moment, you should not underestimate the global online trend and your competitors. If your direct competitors are resorting to wine online marketing measures, it will become increasingly difficult for you to catch up the later you start. Changes in search results are only visible months after successful optimization.


Increase sales with wine online marketing

Having a search engine optimized website does not equal success. Imagine you have a good location in the best street. This alone will not be enough to make guests want to stay with you. The interior, the offer and the service staff characterize the atmosphere. It's the same online. The only thing your potential guests will see of your establishment online in the first moment is your website. How much the first impression really counts can be measured exactly: Within 3 seconds, your potential guests decide whether they want to inform themselves on your website or whether they prefer to look further. Thus, in addition to search engine optimization, an authentic and inviting, first impression of your business must be created in terms of content and appearance.

In order to convince your potential guests of your offer, the web design must on the one hand optimally represent your pub or restaurant and be optimized for both desktop and mobile. Google has explicitly stated that mobile-first is an important ranking factor, as more than half of most website visitors seek information on the go, i.e. via mobile. On the other hand, the website must be clear, coherent and pleasant to use for potential customers.

Ranking factors

Your website is not automatically visible on Google: more than 200 different factors determine your position in Google search results.

Digital guest feedback

You also get feedback from your customers online. Google's algorithms analyze it. Do you also know your online feedback?

Local trend

Especially in terms of trends, Google reacts quickly: Those who strengthen their company locally are also rewarded in terms of placement in Google search results.

Digital opportunities

Attract new customers for the gastro

So for the first impression you have no more than 3 seconds. If you have convinced visually, you now have to score in terms of content. Do you also offer immediately apparent offers to your various target groups? Do the offerings for specific target groups also match their demand? Can you quickly find your way around the website in terms of content? What about internal linking? And is it obvious at first glance what sets you apart from the others? Don't worry, all of these questions can be answered through targeted content marketing for hospitality businesses:

It's possible to answer all of your potential guests' search queries in an experiential and inviting way with targeted content. Nothing convinces more than exceeding expectations with attractive offers. While you and your team provide the best service to the guests on site, Wine to Web makes sure that they arrive at your place guaranteed to impress them with your offer. This can only succeed if you already have an authentic effect on your target groups on the web.

Digital opportunities

Future markets for wine sales

The online world operates according to mechanisms similar to those we know from the offline world. Even online, the best advertising is the one the customer does for them. But there is a significant difference: In the online world, natural advertising must first be processed as such by certain "algorithms" or mechanisms. To make this easier and natural, specific wine online marketing measures have established themselves as so-called "evergreens" in recent years. With these measures it is possible that the algorithms of Google, Facebook & Co measure these positive user feedback signals online and your locality can be evaluated by them as relevant. This will make you appear to a larger percentage of your potential target audiences. The algorithms prefer what makes users happy. If the users are happy, so are the search engines and social media: Satisfied users keep coming back and trust Google and Co. If you want to increase your target groups online, all you have to do is keep the algorithms happy. User satisfaction also has to do with your advertising reach: If users react badly to your advertising, the algorithms register this precisely. But not only algorithms react to this: Your target group will remember you negatively if your advertising was not interesting to them, either in terms of content or appearance. Particularly in social media, skillful subtlety is the basic prerequisite for advertising to be experienced and not perceived.

It is highly advisable to coordinate all optimizations: Many of your potential customers often come to you only after they have heard or read about you several times. The value of a single investment can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle: Only when viewed together do the pieces reveal the "return on investment". If you are advertising, then you should also provide enough other content to make you interesting. Not to be forgotten is the local focus in wine online marketing: It does your gastronomic business no good if potential customers are interested in your offer but are not in the vicinity.
Many reasons speak for the so-called Paid Search at Google. The effects of search engine optimization in Google placement are visible in organic search only after several months. It is therefore advisable to place targeted advertisements on Google right from the start. This will give you immediate visible results. However, the higher range is only possible as long as you pay for it. This makes it all the more important to coordinate all the individual areas of wine online marketing in order to achieve the best possible success. In addition, paid search results provide a reach in many areas that could not be achieved naturally.

Practical knowledge

How Wine Online Marketing Works

In order to improve one's ranking in Google search results, an analysis of Google search queries should be performed in the first place. What do people search for on the subject of wine? How many of these searches are made per month? How strong is the competition in the individual areas? In the second step of the web analysis, the own actual state and that of the competition is analyzed. Where does your own website stand at the moment? What needs to be done to improve your Google ranking? The analysis provides precise information about which strategies the competition is pursuing and how successful they are in doing so. Here, the strategies of the "big players" and those of their direct competitors are documented in detail. What goes down particularly well with the target groups? Is the competitor active on social media and how popular is he?
Which wines particularly shine on social networks? And above all, what impression do they leave on wine connoisseurs? Wine Online Marketing offers winemakers and their wines the opportunity to present themselves authentically and professionally on the web. Websites are much more than an information page for customers: They are spaces where you can get to know wines and the people behind them personally and experience them in their uniqueness. In the end, with wines of equal quality from different wineries, sympathy and personal interest always decide which one to choose. So why not draw on the experience and expertise of experts to score points on the web as much as at tastings?
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