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Wine to Web is the result of a great passion that has turned into a successful business. The vision behind it is what makes it so special: using the synergies of wine & online marketing expertise in a strategically targeted way to showcase wine digitally in the right light. As a result, it not only appeals to (new) target groups, but can also captivate them with its uniqueness.

Before becoming a young entrepreneur, Marian devoted the last eleven years to his passion scientifically, practically and theoretically. Even then, it was clear to him that in today's business world, nothing works without digital media.

Determined to dive deep into it, he focused his academic training on Film & Media Studies. Accompanying this curiosity was a penchant for wine itself, as part-time work in the restaurant industry opened his palate during his first semester. Through his immersion in the endless wine cellars of various restaurants, he became aware of one thing above all: excellent wines must above all be findable. His goal is not only to ensure that special wines are on everyone's lips: Above all, they should also be findable online so that they can unfold with the right connoisseurs.

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Owner: Marian Staudt