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The Corona crisis has meant that many companies have had to come up with creative ways to provide your customers with a secure service or delivery of your offer. While delivery services for restaurants are nothing new, of course, there is some potential that has not yet been actively exploited. There is no one restaurant marketing plan that fits all restaurants. Every business has different challenges and objectives that should be the starting point for their respective restaurant marketing efforts and strategies. Therefore, we have compiled a few tips for you that can be useful for your marketing.

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Tip 1

Personalized advertising at the right time

It doesn't do the restaurant any good if a potential guest sees the lunch table in the evening, right? That is exactly why it is important that the right user gets the advertisement displayed at the time of his need. At the same time, a guest will not stroll into the restaurant if they have no personal incentive to do so. To ensure that these incentives are then also perceived by potential new customers, a few things need to be taken into account.

So it's one thing to advertise, but it's quite another to get the message across to potential guests. Below are a few insights into online marketing opportunities for restaurant marketing that will help you digitally nurture your customer relationships and generate revenue as a result, even in tough times.

Tip 2

Stand out with digital customer service

Especially in the challenging times we find ourselves in, it is important that potential guests feel safe with you. Many regulars may stay away because they belong to risk groups and want to protect themselves as much as possible. As a restaurateur, it now means developing new concepts to reach new guests while finding ways to reach regulars from at-risk groups who may not use traditional delivery service providers.

This is especially true of restaurants, whose regulars are often of advanced age. Here, the offer must also adapt in order to reach new customers and to be able to win them as regular customers. The companies that have already relied on online marketing before the crisis are clearly at an advantage: they can fall back on digital and automated communication channels and continue to be in contact with their guests and thus flexibly market their offer.

Tip 3

Staying digitally in touch with guests

We are flooded with information every day. So how can you still stand out or be remembered? And most importantly, how can digital media be used to strengthen customer relationships? Satisfied guests like to come back and stand behind their favorite restaurants even in difficult times. Touchpoints are used to create encounters between potential customers and brands. So a touchpoint is a touch zone. This increases your own recognition value with potential new customers and keeps you in touch with regulars.

Therefore, it is very important, especially in the catering industry, to strategically promote the awareness of one's own location continuously to interested parties and also to show one's own offer in times of need. The more sustainable your own reach is with the right target group, the more guests you can actually address. It is important that your offer fits the demand of the respective target group: A large reach does not automatically mean that this will lead to more guests. Unfortunately, touchpoints alone are not enough. You have to "maintain" these meeting zones and continue to talk about them.

Pro tip

The right strategy for your own business

So for the first impression you have no more than 3 seconds. If you have convinced visually, you now have to score in terms of content. Do you also offer immediately apparent offers to your various target groups? Do the offerings for specific target groups also match their demand? Can you quickly find your way around the website in terms of content? What about internal linking? And is it obvious at first glance what sets you apart from the others? Don't worry, all of these questions can be answered through targeted content marketing for hospitality businesses:

It's possible to answer all of your potential guests' search queries in an experiential and inviting way with targeted content. Nothing convinces more than exceeding expectations with attractive offers. While you and your team provide the best service to the guests on site, Wine to Web makes sure that they arrive at your place guaranteed to impress them with your offer. This can only succeed if you already have an authentic effect on your target groups on the web.

Tip 4

Rethinking customer relationships

It's no secret that existing customers are very important from a business perspective: They do not have to be acquired at great expense, they consume more frequently and, if satisfied, they stand behind their favorite restaurants even in difficult times. So they cost the entrepreneur less money than a new customer. So why not use this cost saving to strengthen customer relationships and at the same time also ensure that satisfied guests really do become regulars. Various measures are suitable for this purpose, which can be implemented in an uncomplicated manner in the restaurant's daily routine. Loyalty programs are much more than a simple discount: they are designed to encourage guests to interact with the brand. This way, the brand and your company will also benefit from the loyalty campaign.

During the lockdown, many restaurants continued to generate revenue because they promoted their coupon sales to loyal customers. Regulars were able to support their favorite restaurants and also feel they could contribute. In return, many restaurants have offered these loyal guests a goodie on top. Digital voucher sales not only save time in the long term, but also increase sales automatically. Your guests can thus give their loved ones a special restaurant experience that also looks good. Therefore, you should think about which target groups you want to reach with your offer.

Tip 5

Creating a common value base

What added value do you offer your guests? What does your company stand for and where do you create bridges that connect your brand with your guests? How does your company position itself on issues that are important to consumers? Which lifestyles does your dining program promote, and which do it not?

This may sound banal at first, but it is precisely these brand values that contribute to how your business is perceived and for which guest groups you are interesting and relevant. So you need a unified restaurant marketing strategy that also authentically fits your business.

Goodie on Top

Flexible restaurant marketing on the web

We know that restaurateurs are facing very challenging times. And we've known the restaurant industry long enough to know that generic solutions don't fit individual operations. While in one case automated booking options are useful to the business, in another it can be quite different.

That's why we offer you, as restaurateurs, limited support so that you can reach new customers even in these times. In the form of a free initial consultation, we will clarify together whether the support program fits your company. You are welcome to contact us personally, we will take the time for you!

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