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Digital media is our home, wine is our passion. That is why we have specialised on the wine industry.

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The satisfaction of our customers is at the forefront of our work. In addition to creating websites & online shops as well as social media & online marketing support, we also try to visit our clients on site on a regular basis. Depending on your business objectives, there is a weekly jour fixe or a monthly reporting & discussion.

We are expanding our network. Become part of it now and write us a message!

Wine to Web will be present on 22 September 2020 the Falstaff Champagne Gala & and on 23 November to attend the Falstaff Red Wine Gala.

It is expected that the next conference will take place on 18 & 19 November 2021.

We want to make our contribution to your health and ours. Therefore, we ask you to make an appointment. We are also happy to continue to come to you on site (if possible) or offer digital meetings.

Together with strong partners from the wine industry, we have provided Austrian wineries with a free online shop for 6 months (11.2020-05-2021). Hereyou can find more information about the campaign.

Are you interested in the wine industry & digital media? Or are you already an expert in these areas? We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications!

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About the founder

Wine to Web is the result of a great passion that has turned into a successful business. The vision behind it is what makes it so special: using the synergies of wine & online marketing expertise in a strategically targeted way to showcase wine digitally in the right light. As a result, it not only appeals to (new) target groups, but can also captivate them with its uniqueness. Before becoming a young entrepreneur, Marian devoted the last eleven years to his passion scientifically, practically and theoretically. Even then, it was clear to him that in today's business world, nothing works without digital media.
Determined to dive deep into it, he focused his academic training on Film & Media Studies. Accompanying this curiosity was a penchant for wine itself, as part-time work in the restaurant industry opened his palate during his first semester. Through his immersion in the endless wine cellars of various restaurants, he became aware of one thing above all: excellent wines must above all be findable. His goal is not only to ensure that special wines are on everyone's lips: Above all, they should also be findable online so that they can unfold with the right connoisseurs.
Presentation & digital wine sales

Wine Online marketing as a success factor

In order to try out his skills alongside his studies of modern forms of advertising and media, Marian has also tried them out in analogue and digital form, refining and strategically adapting them. So he dived into the depths of online marketing over ten years ago and understands how Google ranking factors relate. He knows exactly how to successfully face the changing challenges of our digital age. In addition, he has been able to prove and expand his expertise often enough in various projects and agencies. Strategically, Marian combines his online marketing expertise with wine knowledge. He complemented his practical experience in wine sales from the upscale gastronomy with WSET trainings. He therefore not only understands the wishes of different target groups, but he also knows exactly how to reach them online.

Marian's craft is rounded off by his experience in upscale gastronomy. In various restaurants, in addition to service and also leading wine tastings, he has learned what is important in the presentation and sale of vintage specialities. The qualitative difference lies essentially in the passion for the detail itself: It is not only about the wine, but above all about those who enjoy it. Now these are not just unique stories of great passions, but rather the story of the emergence of a unified, entrepreneurial mission: to align excellent wine with discerning connoisseurs in order to specifically promote the production of high-quality wines.

Visions of the future

Making digital opportunities usable

To keep the wine industry up to date, we are working on expanding our interfaces. This allows production and sales to save valuable office time. Changes through digital and social media are also advancing rapidly. To stay on top of wine online and social media marketing, we regularly attend e-commerce, Google & Facebook conferences. Wine to Web wants to establish itself as the wine industry's point of contact so that they can fully engage with the wine production itself.

As your contact on the web & in social media, we take responsibility for your online & social media presence so that you can continue to devote yourself to what really counts: The wine itself.

This is why Wine to Web will in future expand its range of services in addition to its full-service support and will enable wineries to sell their wines throughout Europe in a wine online shop.

To keep the wine industry up to date in digital agendas, the Wine Marketing Magazine will play a bigger role in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

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Owner: Marian Staudt